Top Nav Button: Text disappearing on rollover


I’m using the Airi Pro Lawyer theme. Currently, the text in the button in the top nav changes color on rollover to the same color as the button, making the button look blank. I believe this is because the top nav links change to the same color on rollover. How can I make the button text stay white on rollover?

Here’s the site:

Without rollover this is what it looks like:

After rollover, the text disappears:



@kharisblank @awan

I posted this question about how to fix disappearing text in the top nav button a week ago and am still hoping for assistance to fix it? Help?


​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

I have suggested CSS code solution already on your other older topic here:

Adding, I checked your button and now it works properly since the custom code is properly applied.

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