Top header sticky menu with scroll color effect?

Hi there,
I hope you all well during this crazy Christmas countdown. I wonder if I can use WPBakery as a PageBuilder into Sydney Pro theme to make a like top menu. In fact I want a sticky top menu full width with a scroll down change color effect. Can we do it only with the theme options? If yes, oh please I would like a link or a tutorial, because I’ve already spend to much time on it. Thanks and stay safe!


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am happy to help with your queries.

It seems likely the top header sticky menu is out of context of page builder if you want to have site-wide top header sticky menu. Because page builder links to only a page where the page builder is configured from.

Sydney Pro has sticky header already and it would be a lot easier if you can extend it from a child theme to make it fits with your final design.

If you aren’t familiar yet with a child theme, learn it from this page.

aThemes Support

Hey, I thank you for the link, I’ll read this with attention.