Toolset Types plugin

Our website uses the Moesia theme and is translated into 3 languages (FR, EN, DE) thanks to the Polylang plugin.
We also used the Toolset Types plugin in order to activate the “Individual Header image” on our home page, wich allowed us to us the function “Toggle individual header image for this page”, thus using a different Header text, Header button title and Header button link for each language.
We need to update our Header text and Header button, but the problem is the “Individual Header image” section no longer appears. We suspect this is due to the fact that the Toolset Types-plugin was recently uninstalled from our website as it was no longer maintained and presented a security risk.
=> What would be the best way to get access again to the “Individual Header image” section?
Please note that from the WP Dashboard → Pugins → Add new : the Toolset types plugin is no longer available.
Also, please note that the related Moesia tutorial is no longer available at the following URL:
Thanks in advance for your support and don’t hesitate to let me know if you would need more information.
Kind regards,
Laetitia, for the Syllabes team

Hi Laetitia,

We were aware of Toolset Types plugin unavailability and the documentation has not been updated yet.

We made aThemes Toolbox plugin as a solution for this. I’d recommend trying this plugin and let us know if you get any trouble with it.

aThemes Support