Toolset Types going away



as mentioned in the recommended plugin Types will go away by the end of the year.

What can you use with Moesia instead?

Kind regards.


Hello Tak,

You’d still be able to use the current version installed on your site. At this time, do not delete it from your site until we developed our own plugin. However we don’t have an ETA yet. Please be patient. Thank you for your participation by letting us know about this.



Hi Kharis,
any news on this topic?
I would be very happy to know and be informed, once you have solved this issue with the Toolset Types plug-in. Thank you and kind regards,


Hi there,

Just wanted to mention that our replacement plugin will be ready before the end of the year. I think in about a week it should be ready + whatever time it takes to get approved on But we can distribute it from here until it is approved anyway.