Toolset Types Error Message


I just updated to WordPress 4.5 and am now getting a Toolset Types Message on every page that reads, “Your theme’s template file for displaying Page items is missing custom fields.”

I am not sure if I have something set up wrong or if this s a conflict with the new version of Wordpress.

My site is:

Yeah, I just got the same message when it comes to my - Blogroll page which formerly displayed in a grid. This isn’t happening on other pages where I’m using Masonry to display grids – just this one!

My bad – I hadn’t made the most recent incremental update to Moesia, which resolved my issue. Make sure you’ve updated your theme, in other words. :slight_smile: Devs must get sick of guys like me who don’t check off all the boxes first before bitching…

Nope, my theme is/was up-to-date. Wish that were the problem! Still getting the errors.

Thanks for the sugestion though. :slight_smile:

Hello there,

> “Your theme’s template file for displaying Page items is missing custom fields.”

This is just an information from the Toolset Types plugin. The plugin looks for archive and single page template files of the post types which are assigned to the custom fields made from this plugin. If there is no custom fields output be found on those templates, this message will be shown. You don’t have to worry seeing this, because Moesia intentionally doesn’t do so. It won’t break your site though.


Great, thanks! Good to know! Ya, my site works fine, I just had never seen that message before. Thanks!

Hi Karis,
Thanks, that is a relieve.
Nevertheless I would suggest to either fake some custom fields, so the message does not show at all. Or write something in the documentation.
The error message looks too serious, so you get the feeling something is wrong…

We feel that this is just a marketing scheme and a bad one to be honest as all it does is scare people for no reason. We’ll be hiding that message with CSS in the next update but we will probably make our own plugin to replace Types, just like we did for our Sydney theme.

Dear Gijs,

Thank you for suggesting. We are planning to get rid of this message box in the next release version of Moesia.

Please be patience.


Gent’s My admin panel went crazy after I updated my site to 4.5 only the one with Moesia Theme, I could restore my back up but I was hoping for a solution. Any pointers?

Also I get the missing file message but I guess that has nothing to do with why my admin panel no longer have a theme?

Dear Gil,

I am sorry to hear the problem you are having.

Please try to temporarily deactivate the all non-required plugin. Let me know how it goes.


Hey guys,

I have the same problem "Your theme’s template file for displaying Service items is missing custom fields."
My problem is that can’t see my service icons in my blog below my header :frowning:

Could anybody help me with this please?

thank you + best wishes


Ok, I have “fixed” the problem I have deleted the plugin Toolset Types and installed the plugin sydney toolbox. The message “Your theme’s template file for displaying Service items is missing custom fields.” doesn’t pop up anymore but I still can’t see the service icons…:frowning:

Hello Nosi,

Are you running Sydney theme? Please confirm.


Hello there,

I’m getting this for all the toolset stuff. home page is all screwed up