Too much space!


Not too sure what has gone wrong here, but when viewed in mobile view there is a massive amount of white space everywhere… like under the title etc. I’m using the site origin plug in, perhaps you can help me please?



I’ve just checked your site and looks like it because the padding of the rows. you can reduce the space from: Edit page > edit row > row styles > theme > top/bottom padding.


Thanks - I’m using site origin page builder and I can’t see those options though?


There is no options for the top/bottom padding? Hmm its strange…
Or maybe you can try to add a custom css code to your site to reduce the padding? Add the css code below to the styles.css file in your child theme (if any) or you can use simple custom css plugin

.panel-row-style {
    padding: 50px 0 !important;

Thanks that helped a bit - now is there any way to make the image more narrow of tomatoes on the home page or would that be not possible?


I think you are using text widget to add the content, have you try to edit it from the widget?

Cheers. Yes , I did try adding a text widget? Just one other thing, why is this site looking so bad when viewed on computer but great on mobile? Its alsmot like its not responssive… its not compressing up well, it just looks so unaligned!

Hi, sorry for late reply,

Could you tell me which area is not looking good when displayed on desktop screen?

No worries! Its the application page in partcialr, when viewed on mobile and desktop.

Hmm not sure what do you mean with the site displayed not responsive because when I check your site, all is displayed good except for your background image.

There is just too much space in between rows? For example, looks at the optiroll yellow page and thee is a big gap between the top banner and the text? Also very noutcable on the case studies pages.

Especially noticeable on mobile too

Oh I see… that’s because the default settings from the page builder plugin.
You can manage the space between each rows from:
edit page > edit row > row styles > theme > top/bottom padding.

Fantastic! Worked a treat!