Too many requests for the same cs.gif image overlay pattern of header

Hi team,

testing my site speed with pingdom tools, I’ve noticed many many requests for the same cs.gif image wich is the overlay pattern of header image.

Here are some of these requests :

May be this problem is due to some CDN use but I can’t understand why Moesia requests so many times for the same gif image ; it hardly downgrades my site performance. Especially that I don’t use the overlay feature…

Could you please tell me how to get rid of it ?

Thank you, best regards,


Doesn’t look like what you’re showing comes from the theme.
The theme sets the overlay only if it’s enabled, and it’s a .png, not a gif.

Thanks Vlad for this quick answer.

It rang my bell and I decided to investigate in my plugins list…
I found out that Social Media Feather was generating this multiple requests, after deactivating it, I fall down from 146 to 85 requests for my home page !!!

Crazy is n’t it ?

A lesson to be learnt : always test and analyze your site speed after installing a plugin.

Thanks again.