Toggle Bar or Menu Bar

The toggle bar or the line bar or hamburger bar, not sure what to call it which can only be seen in mobile view, I want to know how to change the location, remove it, and view the 3 line bar on a desktop and a tablet as well.
I want these 3 options if I need to change anything. Right now, I don’t want a menu to appear because I installed a plug in that has a toggle bar already, but just in case I delete the plug in I want to know I can change the location of the toggle bar and view the toggle bar on the desktop and tablet.

Hello there,

You can remove it with this CSS code:

.btn-menu {
  display: none;

Add it to your site’s additional CSS under Appearance > Customize.


This removed the toggle bar, but you didn’t explain how I can move it to another location on the screen and if I wanted toggle bar to show on the desktop how would I do that?

I am sorry I missed that part. Please try to apply this solution.


Thanks I followed the instructions, but it didn’t work, its ok for now I will ask later for now, I don’t need it at this moment, but will need it later. I just wanted to know it so I can save the code so when I am ready to do it I can just paste it.

Thank you for your help, but I don’t want the Sydney theme anymore, I am using another theme now