Titles and subtitles of 4 slides appear together on the first slide

Good evening, i have a issue after last update, all the titles and subtitle of slide in homepage appear together on the first slide and do not move.

Site URL www.labracegriglieria.it

Thank for reply.

I am having the same issue, it seems like it happened when I got an update to Sydney 1.35 to 1.37, I check updates regularly so I’m not sure how I missed the jump, but I’m seeing the same thing. www.theloafandladlepantry.com

I’m also having the same problem. Noticed when I was upgrading from 1.36 to 1.37 (it was present on both versions)

sites: www.phoenixfirewalk.uk

I tried many actions, including disable all plug-in, cancel and reload the text and the slider images, but nothing happens, the problem is still there, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for the attention.

Hi. I’m having the same problem with my site after upgrading.

Hi there all, just to add, I have the same issue but all works well on a local machine. On published website, text does not change as the images do, stays the same on all images.

Thanking you and hoping for a quick resolution.

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Has anyone had any resolution to this? It’s still not working on my end.

I am having the same problem. Do they usually respond to bugs on this site?

As with others above, I just updated Sydney to the current version and the breakage occurred.

Hi to all,

So sorry for late response. Seems like multiple comments passed unnoticed.

I just created adjustments. Please just download file from the following link:

unpack the file, and upload slider.php with FTP client over existing one on this location:
wp-content / themes / bistro / inc / slider.php

and issue with slider should be fixed. I tested it on my installation, and it was working just fine.

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Thank for the .zip
Now, the slide is working BUT all the titles and subtitle are not visible :frowning:

What have I to do?




Hi OliOne,

I tested fix with latest version of Sydney theme, and it is working fine, and one of users above confirms that too. Please update to latest version and remove modifications if any, and test again.

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Just done the update just now and still have the problem!



I checked both websites of yours, and slider is working fine (slide images are fading in and out), and text is not scrolling because there is text-slider-stopped class https://www.screencast.com/t/Z86ge0NTfugj and it is present only when you disable text slider from customizer, so please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header area > Header Slider and uncheck Stop text slider? box https://www.screencast.com/t/tMzjx7cqD

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Raaaaah : Stop text slider !!!

OK. It’s working now.
Thanks you very much :smiley:


Glad to hear that everything is fine :slight_smile:

Topic will be marked as resolved.

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This worked for me. Thank you!