I installed Astrid. I use it together with Visual Composer.
Have a look at http://www.tourdutarn.com/wordpress/
Below the menu is a white section with HOME de title of the page.
I do not want to display the title.
What can I do?


I see you figured it out. If you’re going to use it with Visual Composer (which Astrid doesn’t support) you can try adding this in a custom CSS plugin to make your homepage look better:

.home .site-content {
      margin: 0;
.home .hentry {

Visual composer works fine.
I still do not understand where exactly to put your code.

Does your code remove the entire title including the white bar?

in a custom CSS plugin

Like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

It doesn’t remove the title as I see you already handled that, it just removes those white spaces.

Great!! That works! Thanks!

Oeps, This only works on the frontpage. See http://www.tourdutarn.com/wordpress/test/ Can you make it work on all pages?

Yeah, replace .home with .page in the code.

Great! That works! Hope to not bother you again!