Title Underline Disappeared

Hello Support,

I am using Page Builder, and for some reason the Title Underline has disappeared throughout my entire site. I attached a screenshot for you to see.

I am not sure why, as it was there before.

Any suggestions for having it come back?

Thanks, Bo


Can you share your site URL here?

Sure, Awan.

Thank you, but can you activate the Sydney-pro theme, please? currently, your site is using the twentynineteen theme.

Coincidently, I had a problem with my hosting, receiving a Internal Service 500 error, so they had me disconnect the Sydney theme to see if that was the problem. All squared away now.

Sorry about that. Sydney Pro is live again.

Thanks, Bo

I see.
I’ve checked the site and the underline has disappeared because this custom CSS code that might be you’ve applied to the site. Can you please to remove it?

Please find this CSS code maybe in “Customize > additional CSS” or in your custom CSS plugin:

h3.widget-title:after {
    background-color: transparent !important;


That did it! All is wonderful. Thank you, Awan. ~ Bo

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