Title Text's Color Change


  1. In this page http://www.pixelbox.in/testimonial-letters/
    there’s a title text “Testimonial Letter” at left side

  2. In the home page www.pixelbox.in there’s title text color for Contact and Newsletter widget at extreme bottom side. In both pages the color of the title text is default color provided by Sydney theme. Instead of the default color, I want to change this text color.

In both pages (Query 1 & 2) how do I match the color of title text to that of text color that I have used in the home page widgets (Testimonial and Clients). I want to match as per exact color codes.

Hello there,

You can change any text color quickly by using CSS code. Firstly you have know the selector of each element. From the code example below, I am using ID names of the widgets and post.

#panel-27-6-0-0 .widget-title,
#panel-27-6-2-0 .widget-title,
#post-1330 .title-post{
  color: #fff;

To find the exact selectors, you can use the web browser’s inspector tool.

To apply custom CSS code on your site, insert it into additional CSS option (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS).



Thanks and it’s working now.

My pleasure!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.