Title mess up and post look problem


I have been working on my page, not blog, with a Sydney theme for a while, and I have been doing great. Loving the theme.

About 15 minutes ago I installed the update for the theme and it messed up my homepage just right after. Now the text in slider is not in center, but under the slider pictures. It used to be in center. I have looked through every personalisation option and I can’t find anything that can be responsible for that (I hope that I checked well…)

I am linking my page below so you can see what I mean.

I will name the text that I mean “this is what I mean”

I am also writing some random stuff in my post, because it doesnt look as supposed to what I am writing, I will write it in the way so you can understand it.



hope you will figure it out for me.

I will be very grateful.

same problem. Prompted in WordPress to update the Sydney theme. I updated and the problems started. The center slider is now on the top left covering the business logo and partially covering the menu on the top right.

Refresh your page please. It looks fine to me. There were changes to the slider in the update so you’re seeing cache.

Yep it looks fine on the other computers and mobile. But it really messes up the concept in my head, since I cant see how particular images look together with the slider. I tried refreshing, even reinstalled wordpress. Will also crear browser data and see if it helps.

You don’t really need to do anything else other than refresh your page or clear the browser cache as you said.

No point in re-installing Wordpress since there isn’t any problem. Your browser shows you the old CSS from cache with the new HTML structure of the slider. That’s why it looks messed up. So there isn’t any kind of code problem.

Thank you Vlad. :slight_smile: I refreshed page, but at first it was wrong, maybe my computer or Mozilla lagged or something. It is fine now so I think we can close this topic. Thanks again, because I was getting nervous :slight_smile: