Title is Capitalized always

My website is www.fiadotech.com
The titles are always capatilized.
The widget Iam using is
2.FP Call for Action
I want to have the button as “About Fiado” but it is showing up as "ABOUT FIADO"
How do I change this.
Also the Title in www.fiadotech.com/about page is showing as ABOUT US I want it to be About Us.
Pls let me know how to fix this problem.

Also let me know how will I add a menu item without having a page.
For example. I want to remove page for Product but hovering on Product should show drop down of Products.

Dear Indu,

> 1.

Could you please try to add the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin?

.page-id-37 .widget-title,
.widget_text .widget-title,
.widget_sydney_action .roll-button{
  text-transform: none;

> 2

Try to use a “Custom Links” menu item. Enter a # in the URL field. https://cloudup.com/cHfZizkwTez


Thanks a bunch. It works. I have setup a property in google webmasters tool to point to fiadotech.com so do you suggest that I modify all permalinks and contents in my page to point to fiadotech.com/<>… instead of www.fiadotech.com/<>… for faster rendering of pages.