Title in capital letters only


Hi Matty,

I am using your theme in my blog here. I should say that, this is one of the best themes I have seen for a blog. It looks like premium theme but totally free. Awesome work. But post titles are showing in capital letters only. Is it possible to change it to normal mode ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Manoj,

You can do this by adding the following codes to the theme’s style.css file. Here I would suggest you to make the changes using child theme, so that this change along with other changes made will stay preserved even after theme updates. You can also use any cutstom css plugin if you prefer to

.entry-title {
    text-transform: none;

Hope it help!!



Cool ! It’s working fine. But AT Tabs still showing in older format (Capital letters). Any solutions ?


Hi Manoj,

I checked the site and found you are using another theme now.