Title for slide

Hi I would like to change the slider font size (both title and subtitle), and would like to add some spacing in the fonts, how can I do that thanks?


You can manage the font size of the site from customize > fonts.
And to increase the spacing between text, can you post the URL of your site and please elaborate more how your font could be?

I went into customize > fonts, however none of those let me adjust the size of the slide titles.
My website is http://sample01.rswedding.com.au/, I want my font to be like this sample page here: http://raystef.rswedding.com.au/

Oh I see…
You want to adjust the spacing between character of the site title and description.
Here is the css code:

.text-slider .maintitle {
    letter-spacing: 40px;
    font-size: 63px;
.text-slider .subtitle {
    letter-spacing: 8px;
    font-size: 35px;

You can adjust the value of the letter-spacing and font-size as you needed.

So, you are getting married? Congratulations :smiley:

Hi Awan,
Thanks, I got married recently. Just helping a friend out for the website.
Yep the css code work, thank you very much. However if you have a look on the letters, so of them are being cut off (e.g. Letter A, letter &, letter J), why is that?

Oh I see :smiley:

You need to increase the line-height of the main-title.
You can add this css rule:
line-height: 85px; to the .text-slider .maintitle { … } in above

Ok, thank you. All good