Title Font Color

How do you change the Title Text to white? I’ve tried changing the font color in the design section but it comes out a muddy gray color no matter which widget I use. Thanks for your help.
-Mara Lee


Can you be more specific? its a title in the header or its the widget title?


It’s the widget title. thanks.

Hello, So how do I change a Widget Title to white? :wink: Thanks!


Add these css code below using simple custom css plugin:

  color: white !important;

Thanks, Awan, Tried the css code but no change.

Hmm it should working. Can you post the URL of your site?

Thanks Awan,

Here’s the website https://www.creativegang.com

I’ve checked your fact widget and its working, the title seems not visible because the section of the fact using white color also for the background

Thanks, Awan, What I need to know is how to adjust the color of the Title Text and some sub text (see employees) on my site to a color that works for the background being designed.

I certainly do not want all of the title text to be white or all of my backgrounds to be black, so the code isn’t going to work for my situation and the Widget Design Box for font color has no impact on the text color at all. I find myself using the Editor widget, adding my title in there, so I can adjust the color and then leaving the Title Text section blank in most situations. Probably not the greatest idea SEO wise? Any other suggestions?

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks, Mara

Please see https://creativegang.com/ and scroll to see Testing Title Text Here sample of color in the creative services and events widget. Thanks.

Okay, so the css code should use the section ID of the element then. Here is the code:

#pg-5853-2 .widget-title, #pg-5853-0 .widget-title {
    color: black !important;

Thanks but I have no idea how or where to attempt your last response … so the css code should use the section ID of the element then - tried it in a widget and didn’t change. Are we even talking about the same thing? I just want to know how to choose if the Title Text in a widget is either black or white. My choice. Is that possible?

You can use chrome dev tools to get the element ID, right click on which area you want to get the ID then inspect and this is the element ID http://prntscr.com/a7njfy

You have to put the css code in above using simple custom css plugin, or add it to the styles.php in your child theme (if you have)

And currently, there is no option to change the color of the widget title

So is there no way for me to change the title font colour in the call to action widgets on my website? (http://ibrahimsteaks.co.uk)

Currently, the font is a grey colour and I need it to be white so it stands out. I need a fix quick

Hi @Blanco323 please create new thread for your question.