Title contra logo

I have a logo which acts as a header and it looks great on big screens.
But what should I change to have only site title & description for mobile devices - instead the logo?
I want have clear and light mobil site without images and image header for normal PC screens.
I tryed to set display in media queries for my site-branding img on ‘none’ value but the whole header dissapeared as a result.
So how to display only title & description for that range of pixels?
Help me, please. :slight_smile:


If you have a logo image set, that will show up on every device, what you can do is to remove the image on mobile, but site title text can’t be shown instead, or add the header image other way, and have the site title as text, so that way it can be resolved what you have requested, please post a link to your website, so I can check what can be done.

Best Regards,