Title color single row


Could you help changing the color of the font in the title of the page:
#pg-444-0 .h3 widget-title?

I tried this:

#pg-444-0 .panel-grid-cell {
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6);
padding: 30px 15px;
width: 100%;
left: 20%;

#pg-444-0 .h3 widget-title{
color: #ecf0f1;

I have a nice background, but black text on a black background isn’t readable.

Hello Jullo,

I guess you forgot a point before widget-title.

I didn’t checked whether it’s right cause I’m browsing with a smartphone, but try this:

#pg-444-0 .h3 .widget-title {
  color: #ecf0f1;

Nope, it didn’t work, can you have a look what i am doing wrong?

website = www.remezo.nl

regards Tomasz

It’s this #pg-444-0 h3.widget-title actually :slight_smile:

Allright :slight_smile: resolved!

Now it is solved, could you perhaps explain why there shouldnt be a dot before h3?

The dot is an indication for the start of a section wright?

No, dots are for classes. Tags (like h1, h2, body, span, div etc) don’t require dots.
Also, the element you were trying to target was a H3 and also had the class .widget-title. That’s why it’s h3.widget-title, not h3 .widget-title.

Ah, I should had seen it!

The dot is the indicator of a class in css. You can create your own classes writing for example

<p>The first text</p> <br/>
<p class="text">Some text here</p>

If you want to style the p tag you have to use
p { color: #fff }
The first text would be white now.
If you want to style the second p tag in another color, you can use the class.
.text { color: #000 }
The secont text would be black now.

So all in all you use a point when the element has got a class and you want to use it, don’t use a point in html elements like p, h3, section, article, div and so on and use a # when you have got an ID. An ID should be unique for the website.
The difference between it is also that a ID has got the most power. It will overwrite the css of an class or html element if both have got a color attribute. A class has got more power than a html element.

For more informations you may visit http://www.w3schools.com/
I learned a lot there.

This is marvelous explanation that helps a lot! Thank you.