Title color and center

I have three little questions,
How to change the “title”'s color of widget ( ex : photographie for service) in this theme we can change the body but not the title (always grey)

Second question : how to get center widget ( ex fact ) i have only 3 facts and i can’t center this 3 elements

And bonus question : how to desactivate de click to action button’s intro

(sorry about my english i’m just a french guy ) :slight_smile:

Hello, post your page link please.

#1 Color can be set with custom css, tell me what color do you want and I will reply with code which you need to apply.

#2 For facts set Row Layout, go to Front page, and there is wrench icon abow each widget, and set it to 1.

#3 Апперанце > Customise, Header area > Header Slider, then scroll down and you’ll see CTA URL and text fields

I will just change services’title for exemple ( maybe dark blue)

and for the CTA button, when i just left empty the text field i have a little button without text and link :confused:

Hey, I forgot :frowning: , CTA is already presented as an issue, so it will be fixed in next release. This is first release, it is very young theme :).

For now, remove cta with custom CSS code:

a.roll-button.button-slider {
  display: none;

Centering content: go to Pages > Front page (or whatever you called it) and choose Front Page template for it.

For services color apply this custom CSS:

.roll-icon-box .content h3, .roll-icon-box .content h3 a {
  color: #0000A0;

Sorry (i’m newbie ) ^^

where can apply the custom css?

Here, install this plugin.

It’s always handy to have it :slight_smile:

The CTA button is already fixed. You just need to re-download the theme :slight_smile:

Good to hear, Vlad, you hardworking cat :slight_smile: