Timeline Setup


I just purchased Sydney Pro and I am trying to figure out how to get the timeline widget working. This is a picture of what I get when I click on the edit button for the widget once I put it in a row. I don’t see any options for adding an event. Is there a different settings page where I can do that?



See at the bottom of the documentation page please, there’s an extra settings file you need to import to get the Timeline custom post type and a few more options.

Thanks! I found that file but I am not sure how to import it into Wordpress. Do I upload it as a widget or theme?

Neither :slight_smile:
You have installed Types when prompted by the theme? If you did, go to Types > Settings, scroll down a bit and you’ll see import/export. Select the settings file and import it. Then Services, Employees, Timeline and everything else will show up.

Thanks! I would have never found that. Everything is working now :slight_smile: