Timeline/services without links?

Hi, there!

There is no way to avoid linking to a full page using timeline or services? I need to create a one page site and those nice visual elements are forcing me to use a non one page site and that’s not what I need… Thanks in advance for any idea on how to solve this.


I guess I could add options for that in the next plugin/theme versions. Otherwise it would be a bit complicated as it would require to override the widgets.

Thanks a lot Vlad, it would be an option for any widget linking to a custom page type, like Services, Employees, Projects, etc. Many times to have a short description is more than enough or any of these options can be reused for any other purpose.

Any ETA for this update? Because for me is a stopper in one of my sites, if I’m sure that you don’t plan any other update before to this one to the theme/plugin I can modify my plugin/theme copy. Didn’t checked at its code where this is generated, I assume this must happen at theme’s level, so as I’m using a child theme I can do that easily.

Thanks again!

Probably the easiest way for now would be to do it with some JS. Install this plugin please and add this code in it:

jQuery(function($) {
    $(".service-title a").contents().unwrap();

It will work for the services and the timeline. If you want it to work for other widgets you want rewrite it like this: $(".service-title a, .project-title a, .employee-title a") etc.

Done, works like a charm! Thanks a lot! Anyway would be nice to have a little checkbox in the widgets, but this is great even for adding a new class to these elements for presentation purposes.

Thanks Vlad! :slight_smile: