Timeline not a menu option

I’ve just upgraded to Sydney Pro but don’t have the new widgets as options in my customization menu

Menu item missing

Is there something else I need to activate (I’ve activated the theme and licence key already)


Oh, and I’ve installed and activated the Sydney Toolbox plugin (even though it’s not been tested on this version of WordPress). Still none of the Pro custom post types

Hello @robbypreston,

Please try to temporarily deactivate all your plugins except Sydney Toolbox and Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and see if Timeline Events section appears.

Kind Regards, Roman.

The conflict seems to be with Toolset Types. Deactivating makes Timeline available, Activating it makes Timeline disappear.

Oh, and thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

You are welocme @robbypreston! :slight_smile:

By the way, Sydney Toolbox plugin can work only if Toolset Types plugin is deactivated or not installed. It was done intentionally.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Might be worth documenting all intentional decisions in an FAQ Roman? Especially if these decisions lead to known traps or errors.

Thanks again for the support, really appreciate it.

Warm regards

Hello @robbypreston,

That is documented in 2. Install the recommended plugins section on this page:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Yes, I had followed that documentation however, it did not list the plugin incompatibility which is specifically what I am suggesting that you note in Sydney documentation.

Loving the theme, thank you very much!

Hello @robbypreston,

The documentation section that I mentioned above contains this sentence:
Please note: the Sydney Toolbox plugin only works if you are not using a plugin called Types.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Perfect, nice work Roman. Thank you!

You are welcome @robbypreston!

Kind Regards, Roman.