TImeline / Extra Settings

Love Perth so much I went ahead and got the Pro version. No real problems until I tried to set up the timeline. Get the message "This widget requires you to import the extra settings file for Perth Pro and create some timeline events."
So I go to ‘Types’> ‘Settings’> ‘Import/Export’ and try to import the ‘perth pro settings.xml’ from the documentation page (https://athemes.com/documentation/perth/) but I get the message ‘Data not valid’. If I copy and paste it, I get the messages ‘Error parsing XML’ ‘Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found’ & ‘Data not valid’. I’ve updated ‘Types’ to the latest version and read through the support forums but can’t find an answer that works.
(Apparently this file will also control the different dividers as well?)


Glad to hear you like Perth.
Importing should work fine and I retested to make sure. Could you please send a temporary admin account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com so I can try and import it for you?

The separators aren’t related to that file. They’re the same widgets as in the free version but now you’ll find a dropdown in the widget options which lets you select the type you want.

Email sent. Thanks again- let me know what I was doing wrong!

Problem resolved within 2 hours. Not sure WHAT I was doing wrong, but Vlad fixed it in no time. Thanks!