Timeline dot's color


on my webpage http://giantfox.nl/over-ons I have some issues with colors. On this page there is the the timeline section. I can change the color of the icon, but I cannot change the color of the circle around it. I want it all in the same blue (#4e9baf) color.

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance.


I noticed that currently you already using this CSS code for the color around the circle but with a different color with you mentioned in above > #4e9baf:

.timeline-section.style2 .timeline .icon {
    background-color: rgba(237,92,35,0.25)!important;

To change the color with rgba format, please try this CSS code below:

.timeline-section.style2 .timeline .icon {
    background-color: rgba(78, 155, 175, 0.25) !important;

Feel free to adjust the last value of the rgba from the code in above (0.25) to set the opacity


Thanks. This does the trick.