Thumbnail of featured video

Hi there!

I am using the Masonry/“pinterest-instagram” style front-page display.

–This is for having thumbnails of all the posts in my site show up on the front page.

I am able to get thumbnails of pictures to show up by selecting a “featured image” for each post.

What I want to find out is how to have the same thing happen for a featured video.
The videos I am using are embedded YouTube links, which means I can’t upload them into the same folder as the photo images.

Please help (and I am grateful for the advice I have been getting).


My client’s website (which I am helping with) is:

Hi again,

This cannot happen automatically. You have two options:

  • use a featured image for those posts with videos as well;
  • use post formats. See the documentation, chapters 1 and 7. You can see the results on our demo site.