Thumbnail not resizing

I activated Talon on a test site.

Using to regen thumbnails. It gives no errors and all images are successful.
But in the grid layout of blog, the thumbnails are still unequal. some are big, some small.

Sorry about the delay.

They don’t have to be equal in height, only in width. It’s a masonry layout.

Hi Vlad

Sorry, I assumed it was a pure grid where all image thumbnails will be force-cropped to equal.

Is there any simple CSS code that you can tell me, that I can add to make the thumbnails equal in width as well as height? I will be very grateful for that.

Something like this might work:

.posts-layout .entry-thumb {
      max-height: 200px; /*Add the height you want here*/
      overflow: hidden;

It works! Thank you Vlad. :smiley: