Three questions about Sydney

Hi Vlad, how are you? First of all, congratulations by the theme, it’s very flexible and beautiful. My site ( was made based on this theme, and I’m so happy with the result.

I’d like to ask you about three things:

1. How can I change the preloader’s circle? I want to change it by an animated gif. I’ve looked for this on style.css, but I hadn’t success on my tests. Can you help me, please?

2. There’s a trouble with the syncronization between images and texts on homepage slide. I noticed that a lot of users asked you about this. Have you discovered how to fix this, or has an estimated date to solve it?

3. What are the extras on Sydney PRO?

Thanks a lot!


  1. Something like this should probably do it:

.preloader .spinner {
      background: url(.....);

  1. The slider will have to be replaced completely, not really sure it’s a good idea though.


I m using the Sydney Framework and I am not able to post specific posts to specific pages. Please help.

I want to start a book review company so I need one static page- Home and 4 dynamic pages like
Book Blog, Writers, I want to know how some posts to reach dynamic pages and how do we transfer the page with the data