Three column layout displaying as one column on the left

Our site has suddenly gone from a three column layout on large screens to displaying only one column on the far left. I have no idea what caused this. I’ve tried a few things including deactivating all the plugins including the Custom CSS plugin, but it stays at one column on the left. I have re-activated the plugins. I’ve also updated the theme to 1.13. It says that 1.14 is available but it won’t successfully upgrade to it.

I’ve looked at it with Firebug but I can’t see anything obvious that is causing this. I’m hoping you might be able help me with this as you will be way more familiar with the theme than I am.

Here’s the site.


Hi there,

I’ve checked your site and noticed a javascript error from the browser console Please contact/hire a wordpress developer on codeable or upwork to get help to fix the issue.

Or for temporary, you ca use these CSS code: .hentry {
    float: left;
    height: 500px;
    width: 340px;


Thank you Awan.

I added the CSS to the CSS plugin and it did get the three column layout back, although it’s not as flexible as it was before with different screen sizes. If I could get version 1.14 installed do you think it would take care of the javascript problem? I’ve downloaded it from your site. I could install it by directing WP to the zip file or uploading it through FTP. Is that likely to cause any problems if version 1.3 is there temporarily? I imagine I will lose some of the settings in the customizer if I switch it to the newer version by doing it this way instead of just updating the theme.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Again, much thanks for the help.

Mike (I’m running the site for Laurie)


Yeah, you can re-uploading the theme (with the same version) through FTP, but make sure that you rename the folder name of the theme and and change the “Theme Name” value in styles.css ( first.

Let me know how it worked.


I have exactly the same problem and I cannot believe it is the same reason as in Laurie’s case. We cannot all have problem with java. It all worked fine…

I am also not able to download actualization and I fight with 1 column layout losing my time. I do not understand how that is possible when you use layout which you paid for?

Is upgrading theme via FTP safe if I use child theme on my blog?

Please solve the problem urgently.


Hi Awan,

I’m assuming that you are saying that I should rename the existing theme before I FTP the new one to the server, just so it is there if I need to name it back. I plan on uploading the newest version 1.14 since it fails when trying to do the upgrade through the dashboard.

Do you think there is any chance that this was caused by a WordPress version update? They are done automatically with the hosting plan we use.

Mike (for Laurie)

Hi @AnakPe and @Laurie

we are sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix the issue in the next update.
You’ll be notified on your dashboard when the update are released.