"Thoughts" counter

Hi, is it possible to remove the counter on this … ideally it would be hidden up to “5” and visible thereafter. This is probably asking a bit much, but removing the counter would be enough.


My apologize, I can’t understand enough your issue. Could you please to take a screenshot for the “Thoughts” part? or maybe you can share your site URL here too?

See attached … basically the counting of comments

I see… you can change that part by adding this javascript code below using this Javascript plugin:

var PostTitle = jQuery('.comments-title span').text()
jQuery('.comments-title').html('Thoughts on '+PostTitle)

Thanks Awan … I’m new to scripting but this looks like you’ve already taken the numbering off, is this correct?
This is a great theme by the way. Free and support ! You guys should be given some sort of award.

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