This website is not available, error en mobiles regarding by my web site

Hello, I have a problem. In some mobiles my web site looks perfectly, but in others there is a message that says: “This website is not available”.

Sometimes, underneath this message there is another one that says: “See details”, and when you click it says something like: "It is possible that the web page in, does not work temporarily or has been transferred in a way permanent to a new web address “ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY”

Please, does anyone know what may be happening?

Hello there,

Your site is displaying fine on my phone as seen on the following screenshot.


I’m not sure if it’s theme related issue. Please temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen, and then reload on your device. If the issue still presents, try to disable all other active plugins if any.


Hi Kharis, thank you for responding.

I will back up all the information, but I want to ask you, if I deactivate the Sydney issue, and active another theme, can I lose so much of the configuration of the web?

And I would also like to know that I lose so much of the configuration, in the case of deactivating the plugins, since there are several plugins like Sydney Toolbox, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and Page Builder by SiteOrigin, that I had to install with the theme.

I await your advice on this.