This appears to be an invalid license key for

Hi -

I just purchased an annual license and have tried to activate Sydney Pro with no success.

I’ve removed it, saved the blank key, then re-entered it with the same error:

This appears to be an invalid license key for .

The domain is:

Please help? dani[at]

Any ideas what could be preventing the license from validating? I’m still receiving the same error today.


I asked person that handles licenses to check your license, let’s see what he says.

Kind Regards, Roman.


I can’t find a payment associated with that email address. Which email did we send the purchase receipt to? You can email me on charlie[at]


I used my personal email

OK I’ve found you. Everything looks fine. Are you sure you’re using the right key? You want to enter the key for Sydney Pro, not for Yearly Access. I’ll email it to you to be sure.