TheShop crashes in IE

Hello guys, apparently my shop crashes in Internet Explorer 11, but everything is working fine in Chrome. Anyone facing the same problem?

Once I change the theme to others the shop works again. It must be the theme. But I don’t know where to pin point the problem. Please help.

Hello @en2o,

Can you please provide a link to your shop?

Also, did you try to deactivate your plugins and test again?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman!

Is it safe to post it here?

And yes, I’ve tried disabling all the plugins but still no to avail.

I’ll provide you the link to my shop.

Hello @en2o,

Our Lead Developer tested your shop on different versions of Internet Explorer 11 and found out that it works on the latest version.

I suppose that there was some bug in earlier versions of Internet Explorer 11 that was fixed in the latest version.

I can’t tell you what is causing this issue because browser crashes completely and other browsers (including latest Internet Explorer 11) work good.

Best Regards, Roman.