There should be a better way to organize the services

The worst thing about this theme is if I have to add a new service, it all gets mixed up! It goes on top because of the date! It’s so frustrating. To re order you’ve to change all other services (and if you have the same date for other services, it is awful).

In the next update, I highly recommend to add a new field to order the services while posting. Like if I put “1” in order it’ll always show at first. Likewise, 2,3,4,5…

i REALLY Hope you guys will add it!

You do have a point, but I’m not sure the extra code is worth it since most people just add a few services and then they’re finished with that section. And I say this especially considering the fact that there is already a plugin which does just that for people who want to change the order:

THANKS! An honorable mention to the plugin in the documentation page here: would be helpful for a lot of people like me!

Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll add it.

Thanks! This theme is almost flawless. The only thing you need to improve is the smooth scrolling :slight_smile: