Theme's Customizer settings not sticking

I have purchased NewsAnchor Pro and made use of the Customize options, but they aren’t taking effect even though they show up on the option panel as they should be.

Colors - Primary and Menu color scheme all set to #b50000, but Default is what’s appearing.
“NewsAnchor Pro options” - Homepage and Sidebar widget title styles - I prefer Style 3 I think (the black bar) and that’s what’s selected, but it’s not happening.
Footer credits settings - set to center, but not centering. My wording is appearing, however.

I had NewsAnchor free installed and removed it in case there was a possible conflict, but that didn’t help.

URL is


I’ve just test all customizer settings on my local site and all is working properly.
Your issue might be caused by the cache. Please try to clear cache on your browser, or if you have cache plugin installed on your site, maybe you can refresh it or deactivate the plugin.

I did not have a caching plugin active at the time.

Browser cache repeatedly cleared - no change.

I deactivated all plugins and the problem persists.

Would there be a way to give you a login to poke around?

The whole Customizer seems broken - I can’t change the Layout under Blog Options either, for example.


Okay, you can create a temporary admin account to your site and send it to my email : awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

I’ve just checked your site and I am not sure what caused it. But can you try to deactivate the ads and google script on your site?

I’ve removed the ads and Google Analytics script, and tried the Customizer again but got no better result.


I think I know what caused it, there was an unexpected single quote in customizer > fonts

Thank you so much! Did I do that? I appreciate the helpful attention!

Don’t know :slight_smile:
You can remove the temporary account which you created for me if there is no other issue about the theme.