Theme ypdate dosent work


i updated the theme today and now it dosent work anymore! Please help, this is urgent!


Hello Monica,

Can you please try to reinstall the theme?

Please remember about importance of regular site backups.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I have tried to re-install IT, my site ITS still down, so please hjelp me or give me a refound om the Theme so i can buy anathor one thats working. This os the second time i have problem with this Theme.

You need to give some more details so we can help you. Post a link to your site. Let us know if you can access the backend.
The theme is working fine so you the issue might come from somewhere else.

I tried changing the theme, then i works all fine. So it must be the theme.

As far as I can see you have two plugins which are causing errors: Easy Tabs and a Photo Gallery plugin.
The theme loads but those errors are stopping the preloader from disappearing.
If you could please disable them and recheck.