Theme upgrade

Hey Vlad I just upgrade moesia pro theme and suddenly my website doesn’t work. There’s a message on my front page. So now my website is not working and it was just before the upgrade. the website is


Your errors seem to come from Polylang, not from the theme. Could you disable it a bit to confirm?

Have a look here please:

It’s an issue that Polylang has with SEO by Yoast which I guess you’re using? I also had a look at the Polylang code and indeed it is related to the seo plugin.

Yes it comes from polylang but after your upgrade. Polylang was recommended by athemes as the plugin to use to add different languages. I switch off the plugin but now the website is not configured as it was.

So what shoukl I do? Switch off the SEO and switch on Polylang?

I see you switched off the seo plugin and it solved the issue. You should wait for the Polylang guys to fix it.
Also, the error happened after you updated Polylang probably, not after you updated the theme :slight_smile:

Yes now I see. Thanks for the fast answer. Just another question, before that my header image was full size in my screen resolution, now it’s not. How could i fix that?

What is your screen resolution?

It’s an Imac 27" 2560x1440 Previously it’s was working full screen

Yeah, we’ve added some options to allow users to resize the header image. Seems like we will need some bigger values.
Add this for the moment at the bottom of your style.css:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1199px) {
  .has-banner, .has-banner::after {
      max-height: none !important;

I just added but nothing happened

Copy it again please, I’ve edited the code after I posted it and you got the first version.

Now yes! Perfect!
Thanks for your help and time