Theme update & SiteOrigin Page Builder fails

I have tried to update the new version of Sydney Pro multiple times and get this error:
Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized

All of my pages in Editor are empty after uptade on Wordpress 5.0.1. I can´t edit anything.

  • My site seems to be active on the athemes site.
  • I seem to have a valid license key.
  • I tried also :
  1. Go to Appearance > Theme License
  2. Copy your license key then clear the “License Key” field. Keep it empty temporarily
  3. Save changes
  4. Paste your license key into the “License Key” field > activate license
  5. Save changes
  6. Try to update the theme

Can you help?

Hello there,

Please share me privately the email address you used to purchase the theme to my email at your email. So we can check what might be causing you this update problem directly from our system. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Guys,

Did you find the answer of the above problem?
After updating to Wordpress 5.0 I also can’t update my website in Perth Pro.


Hello Jeroen,

Is there any error message displayed when updating?

The current version of Pert Pro is 1.23. Are you running older that it?


Hi Kharis,

Theme was 1.20. I will test it with the 1.23