Theme Update - Loss of Header Slider and Customization

Hi All-

I just updated the Sydney Pro theme on my site ( and lost the customization I had on my homepage using the built-in slider with the theme. How do I do an update and not lose my customizations each time the theme is updated? How do I recover the photos and messaging I had so carefully created?

Any and all help is appreciated.



Did you have any custom code inserted directly in the theme?

I just re-tested to be sure and everything works as expected. Only change that was done to the default slider is that now it has Polylang compatibility. Even if this could have caused issues, it would do so only to the text, not the images.

I did not have any custom codes ( don’t know enough really). The theme update appears to have reuploaded theme demo theme images and text into the slider which replaced what I had done through the customizer. I don’t know what would happen if I deleted the default images from the media library if I would get my images back in the slider?

Send me an admin account to vlad[at] so I can have a look. I could also revert back to the previous version and see what happens. The thing is that all changes from the Customizer are saved in the database so the theme only displays them.

Done- I just sent over the email. Thank you for looking into it.

Just had a look but I can’t say I know what happened.
Are you sure you lost your settings in the Customizer when you updated the theme? The thing is that the theme cannot delete, modify or revert your changes back to default.
I spent almost an hour searching for websites using the latest version of Sydney Pro and they all have their slider customizations in place.

Only way you can lose things from the Customizer is if you do your changes in Sydney and then use Sydney Pro - changes don’t get passed from one to another.

I first installed the basic theme and then did an upgrade to the Pro theme. Could that be the issue? I have reentered the images and texts into the header.


No, what I meant was have you actually added any data for the header slider while using Sydney Pro? I assume you did, just wanted to confirm.