Theme update failed: unauthorized?


My theme seems to’ve stopped updating at v 1.27. When I try to update via the Wordpress updater, it gives me an error that reads:

Updating Theme Sydney Pro (1/1)
Downloading update from [url redacted]
An error occurred while updating Sydney Pro: Download failed. Unauthorized

  • My site seems to be active on the athemes site.
  • I seem to have a valid license key.
  • My Wordpress install and PHP are up-to-date.

I’m not sure if something changed or expired. What do I need to do to keep getting updates?

Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it. Could you please try to do the following?

  1. Go to Appearance > Theme License
  2. Copy your license key then clear the “License Key” field. Keep it empty temporarily
  3. Save changes
  4. Paste your license key into the “License Key” field > activate license
  5. Save changes
  6. Try to update the theme

Let me know how it goes. If it didn’t help, please give me a temporary access to your site admin area. You can send the login credentials to my email kharisblank at gmail dotcom with the link to this thread.


Well, delightfully I just went in and clicked the {save} button again on the Theme License page, then was suddenly able to update the theme. Go figure. Anyway, I will stow this info away for the future. Thank you!

Well, I was wrong. It somehow didn’t work. Super confusing. Just emailed you. Thanks.