Theme update and childs theme

Newbie. I have a childs theme of Sydney Pro in which CSS was written to fix the Crelly Slider side arrows. Now, I understand that is fixed in the update. So…
1: once a person is using a childs theme, is that any different than if you just used the parent theme and never updated it?
2: How you you incorporate the new updates in the parent theme over to the child theme, or do you? Like… grab the updates in the parent in to the childs theme and then delete the CSS in my case, as a simplistic, one-example/problem scenario.
3: does the child theme always show the orig version number?
4: what am I not getting about this concept after watching 10 videos and reading 5 blogs about child themes?

Hello @pilotguy13,

Basically child theme is modifications.

If you have only one custom CSS rule in your child theme then you are using your parent theme plus that one custom CSS rule.

If you update your parent theme then you will be using updated parent theme plus old custom CSS rule.

If that one custom CSS rule is already unnecessary then you can just use the parent theme.

However, please note that parent and child theme has separate settings. It means that if you configure child theme, parent theme will remain unconfigured and vice versa. It also means that you can configure parent and child themes differently.

I hope that it will help you.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I understand the Child theme for custom configurations.
Your statement about separate settings: If I “configure” aka, ‘build my website’ on my child theme, the parent theme still looks like the day I purchased/downloaded it. - Correct? So. I guess I was thinking that it would be great if each theme mirrored each other, so when the update came along on the parent, you could see how it affected your “real website” (child theme) before incorporating it? I apparently have that all wrong.
Once a person changes configuration of the child theme, at that point, updates to the parent theme are no longer of any use to you… correct? The Marriage is over so to speak… The only thing the parent theme is good for is a complete start over?
In my example of the pointers/arrows on the side of the Crelly Slider… How do I update my child theme to the newest update, and delete the code in the Editor, or is that possible? Just wondering how the 2 work together, if at all… After-changes are made in child.
Is that the Export/Import- All Content back and forth?

Hello @pilotguy13,

  1. Yes, when you configure child theme, parent theme will look like day one.

  2. No, child theme is always using parent theme as a base, so if you update parent theme, child theme will be also updated because it will be using updated base.

  3. Just update parent theme and remove Crelly fix continuing to use child theme.

Kind Regards, Roman.

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