Theme update and child theme

Hello! Today when I entered to my wordpress page, I’ve found a message about the update of this theme with a warning: “Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost. Please consider using child themes to keep changes.” I only made changes on Custom CSS, I don’t have any idea about child themes or what was suposed I had to do. I found this link: But I don’t know if I have to do something or not. Please, could somebody clarify me this point?

You would use a child theme if you had some customisation requirements which can’t be done through the dashboard area. So you need to overwrite the particular parent theme’s file templates in the child theme, then add/edit line of code over there. Not all parent theme’s files can be overwritten because they aren’t part of the native WordPress template hierarchy.

If customizing the appearance or functionality of your site through the dashboard area is enough, you don’t need to use a child theme. Just do updating the theme.

I hope this clarifies thing a bit.


Thanks, Kharis! I understand it better.

I’m recently trying to understand the impact updates can have on my site customization.

I made some customization via Custom CSS and on arquives of the site, such as functions.php

Will an update impact my site? Should I use child theme?