Theme stopped working with IE, not sure what to do

Hi, I’m using an older theme of Sydney (1.38) and completed my website around a year and a half ago along with some custom CSS. Within the past two weeks, Sydney no longer is working with Internet Explorer. What happens is just two bouncing orange dots when I load with it and the other web browsers work no problem. The thing is that a lot of people that use my site use Internet Explorer. I’ve deactivated all of my plugins and the problem is still occuring. I contacted GoDaddy and they said I need to do troubleshooting on my theme.

Here’s a link to the website in question:

Can somebody help me out? I’m hesitant to upgrade it because I have a bit of custom code in weird spots of the Sydney code. My goal was to complete it and never look at it again.


I suggest to update your theme, but first create a Child Theme and save your modifications there, so you don’t have to worry about theme updates anymore.

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