Theme overriding widgets


I hope you can help me. I am using this plugin:

The theme is overriding widgets, therefore I cannot customize the widget. The owner of the plugin cannot figure out what to do to fic the situation on the widget side Any idea what i can do ?


What exactly do you mean by “the theme is overriding widgets”? Only thing the theme does in regard to widgets is to register and load the 4 custom widgets (social, recent posts, recent comments and video).


I am using the DOIFD plugin ( and the response i have from the creator is:

The css files for the the widget and the form are dynamically created. The form and widget style settings were giving header output errors.

Any idea?


I just installed the free version of the plugin. The errors have nothing to do with Solon. I tried to save the settings on three different themes and I couldn’t. Switch themes and you’ll see.


Hmm…must be something with hosting then…thank you for the quick response