Theme or Plugin? i need help please


I am working on using your theme. Bistro / Sydney

I am currenty using the beaver builder builder plugin to help build the pages, (as its easy to use)

Issue i have is the gaps on the mobile version are too big. I need to limit the gaps on the mobile version, is there anyway of doing this.

I really like your theme and dont want to have to change it.

Any help here would be very helpful.

Kind regards
Owen Smith


Unfortunately, we’re not familiar with Beaver nor can we provide support for it.
As you’ve probably noticed we’re recommending the Page Builder by SiteOrigin for which we’ve added an option that lets you set smaller top/bottom row paddings on mobiles.

I am now trying to use SiteOrigin as on this page here

There is still a gap and i cant work out how to decrease it.

Can you advise me please.


Assign the Front Page template for that specific page please and the gap will go away, leaving only the row padding which you can handle from Edit Row.

hi Vlad,

I have assigned the front page. I set the padding to 0.

But i would still like the gap reduced. Also if i use the Default template the gap gets wider, but i need th use the side bar on certain pages.

Is there a code i can add to somewhere in the settings to manually set the gap space?