Theme not working on Macbook Pro

I installed the Moesia theme and created multiple rows filled with different widgets. Uploaded a different header image and configured the welcome area with an image and the call-to-action button.
On all devices (desktop, iPad and iPhone), the theme is working fine. I can scroll down and the call-to-action button brings me to the top of the main-menu.

The problem is that on my MacBook Pro the site is not working. the only thing shown is the header image with the welcome area. When I try to scroll done, nothing happens (checked the trackpad settings on my notebook) and when I mouse-click on the call-to-action button also nothing happens…the header image and welcome area are still shown.

It does not matter if I use the normal theme or use a child-theme.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Well, in the meantime…seems to be that it’s not a problem for all laptops, but only with mine…:frowning:

Hi, I suggest you to try another browser and/or clear your cache.
Hope it helps.

Sincerely, Roman.

I had same issue on a Mac - fixed it by checking " Check this box if you want to disable the custom scroller." in ‘general options’


Hi Kasper, Thanks for your suggestion. This indeed fixed the issue for me too!