Theme not compatible with IE9 or IE8


Is there any plug in or way I can make this theme compatible with iE9-IE8- IE7? Our site look great in all cross-browsers even IE10 and up… but when some clients use their IE8-7 version to view our site they get either a blank page or error 103… which says the website caused to crashed their browser… Is there any way I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to leave a link to my site…


IE9 works fine on your site, I just had a look. As for IE7-8, can’t really test right now but to be honest it’s not something we’re worried about.
You could look for a plugin that improves a few stuff in IE8, this for example. Probably better if you just ask those users to update via a notice.

Humm… ok… thank you.