Theme layout altered after last wp update


I really need help figuring out what could have happened after the last WP update I did. I am not sure if it is even the update, I did a few updates for the plug-ins I had installed in the theme, but didn’t seem to have any alteration back then…Its been a few weeks since the last updates, and I am now back to continue working on our website, but what I see is the lay out on the titles are left justified, and not centered as they should be, I also see that all the panel where I placed a shortcode to add more space is gone, and the site overall seem stretched out. Could you please help me fins a solution for this problem? Here is the link of the site.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, I think it is from Page Builder plugin update. Upgrade your theme or install page builder below version 2.

This post should be helpful.

How do I get the older version of page builder plug in???
All I see is the newest version 2.12…
Help please.

Nevermind, I got it. I actually updated the themes… cool changes but now I have to change everything back to what I used to have. LOL

From link I posted, manually: uninstall and download v1.54 from (scroll down a bit).

I’m glad you could make it, while everything is working I guess it is OK :slight_smile: