Theme - JS Problem


thanks for this great Theme. I love it.
I just checked, that the pages won’t load any content without Js activated. Which function do i have to disable to make this Template also work without JavaSript?


Hello there,

Your discovery is same like you have proclaimed that you have discovered hot water, sorry, but it is exactly like that.

Almost every theme or plugin nowadays requires JS, and I don’t even want to mention premium themes, it is simple a must. JS is present for every slider, carousel, testimonial etc.

Anyway, there is no function to disable in order to force theme to work without JS, and achieving this will require a lot of coding, because server side JS must be used, and that is something that we cannot help you with.

If you want these kind of modifications contact Codeable or find some freelancer, but note that this wont come cheep.

All the Best!