Theme is not updating


I purchased a lifetime license key but can’t seem to update my version of Sydney Pro 1.57 to 2.0. I’ve followed the manual steps of going to my downloads and downloading the sydney pro ll file, deleting my theme folder from site, and manually uploading the new sydney pro ll zip folder…

Once activated however, the version is still 1.57 as shown


Hello there,

As you’re running version 1.x the update link won’t appear until you upgrade it to version 2.x. Please follow the instructions in this documentation:

Let me know if you have further questions we can help.



As stated in my original post. I already did the steps contained in the documentation. And I double checked my account to ensure I have a lifetime license key.

I manually attempted to update according to Step B in the documentation and it didn’t work. It seems as if the download i’m offered, after following the steps in the link, is STILL version 1.57. (Which is why i put the screenshot in my first post)

I then tried starting from Step A just in case something was wrong and when I clicked ‘view upgrades’ it takes me to this blank page.


Hello there,

What is your email address you used to purchase the license? We’d like to check it if there’s something wrong with your account in our system.



Any updates from Charlie. Been waiting for almost 48 hrs. Anyway you can just send me a private link to redownload it or something?